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Technical Study Report Awarded by Chengdu Government

Author: Century 3       Update: 2018-10-31

Recently, the study report of “Design and Construction Technology in Precision Chip Clean Workshops” co-written by Century 3’s employees Roy He, Frank Liu, Bill Xiong and Peng Qing, and specialists from other organizations has won the 2018 Chengdu Science and Technology Progress Award for its excellence in technology innovation.

Higher standard of clean room is required nowadays so as to meet the rapid development of electronic industry This research summed up a set of construction methods for clean workshop of Waffle Board to improve construction efficiency and reduce cost, providing a technical reference for energy saving, air molecular pollution control, anti-seismic, nanometer scale, etc.

The Science and Technology Progress Award was established to award individuals and organization for scientific and technical breakthroughs which improve production efficiency and increase social value. During recent years, Century 3 has successfully executed large-scale semiconductor projects in Chengdu such as Texas Instruments and Global Foundries for delivering extraordinary general contractor and project management services respectively. The advanced management methodology, a team comprised of highly professional talents and cutting-edge technical tools (such as BIM, Quality Management System) provide us with the best mix to deliver reliable solutions that meet clients’ expectations.