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Trading Agreement with ROMABIO

Author: Century 3       Update: 2016-08-19

Century 3, an engineering and project management company based in China announced it has signed a sales representative agreement with ROMABIO, LLC., the world’s leading mineral paint manufacturer to sell and promote its mineral paints made from natural materials. This cooperation will enable Century 3 to bring high-performance solutions to clients who seek ecofriendly building design and construction standards.

Century 3 also unveiled its newly established ROMABIO showroom in Shanghai recently. The showroom features a collection of ROMABIO’s product lines, including tint storage cans with different color options, a chromatograph, and a mixing machine used for creating personalized color by guests. The space will give clients the access to not only ROMABIO’s actual products, but also advices from paint experts and professional services of paint usage and application.

ROMABIO was first founded in 2011 by three paint experts who jointly finalized the exact formulation of manufacturing paints made from minerals and eco-sustainable resources without the use of solvents or toxic chemical ingredients.  As the only scientifically proven clean, natural and healthy alternative to acrylic paint, ROMABIO is the first paint manufacturer in the world to have thirteen interior and exterior paint products certified with Cradle to Cradle™, a program that evaluates products across five categories of human and environmental health. That means ROMABIO is truly going beyond current regulation and creating paints that do no harm to the outdoor and indoor air.

“This sales agreement with ROMABIO continues Century 3’s commitment to minimize the negative consequences of our work on the public and the environment,” said Rong He, CEO of Century 3, “ROMABIO is a strong match for our mission to develop quality environmentally friendly project solutions that meet the highest standards of performance and sustainability.” Century 3 has already used ROMABIO’s products in several interior decoration projects and will continually introduce this “game changer” paint to clients who desire lowest negative health and environmental effects possible in the world today.


The ROMABIO mineral paints are now available in China. For additional sales and pricing information please contact Jeff Yao at +86 21 5216 2266 ext. 8229 or via email at