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Century 3 i-Safety App Officially Launched

Author: Century 3       Update: 2018-06-08

The launch ceremony of Century 3’s self-invention i-Safety App was held at its Asia Pacific headquarters on June 6th, 2018. Mr. Rong He, CEO of Century 3, and Mr. Frank Hu, President of Century 3, initiated the launch of the safety app through a ceremonial log in and showcase of the technology. The i-Safety App, available on multiple devices, is a C3 independently developed software aiming to enhance jobsite safety by predicting and preventing safety hazards.

During the ceremony, Mr. Rong He and Mr. Frank Hu mentioned that Century 3 would promote the usage of i-Safety App on all of its projects allowing smartphones, so as to eliminate injuries and improve safety performance. With years of successful project management and software development experience, Century 3 will now include the i-Safety App as one of its regular services option, providing clients with customized safety management tools tailored to their needs.

The i-Safety App is available for download in application stores after nearly 8 months of research, coding, testing, and trials performed at both the Melaleuca Nantong project and the Johnson & Johnson Suzhou project to achieve optimal working performance. As a safety management App for construction sites, it integrates today’s advanced internet technology with traditional EHS management approaches. Using a smartphone terminal, engineers can quickly and easily monitor safety hazards on site. Meanwhile, the App can manage personnel information effectively with the QR-code to check training attendance. Other features include employee online training, monthly report import and export, and online laws and regulations inquiries, to name a few.