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3rd Mentoring Program Launched to Accelerate Young Talent’s Career Development

Author: Century 3       Update: 2022-08-08

On August 8, 2022, Century 3 launched 3rd one-on-one mentoring program at the BIM center of Shanghai headquarters. Century 3’s CEO, Mr. Rong He and President, Mr. Frank Hu delivered a speech. The 3rd event has attracted more employees participating in this event. A tea serving ritual was held as a traditional etiquette with respect to mentors. Employees who couldn’t make it to the Shanghai office also joined the online event.

The one-on-one mentoring program is designed for employees at two different stages: new employees fresh from school and experienced engineers looking for more career development. The two-year program will pair a mentor, who is either a management level professional or an industrial expert, with mentee that shows great potential in leadership or professionalism. Rewards or promotion will be offered to both mentors and mentees if they achieve the aimed goal.

Words from mentoring pairs

Mentor: Sam Wang
Mentee: Jingxin Han 
-Chemical BU

Sam Wang: "Thanks to Century 3 for introducing such an inspiring mentoring program for us to share work experience with young talents. I’ve been mentoring Jingxin for about a year. I felt proud of Jingxin’s rapid progress in work ability and her growing sense of ownership. She is able to organize meetings and negotiate with clients independently now."

Jingxin Han: "I feel fortunate to be selected by Century 3 as a mentee for the 1st mentorship program. Sam’s patient guidance and teaching has enriched my professional skill and deepened my understanding of corporate culture."

Mentor – Xun Sun
Mentee – Xiaolin Su
- International BU
“Both Xiaosu and I have benefitted tremendously from the mentoring program. As for an architect, the expanse and depth of knowledge and work experience is crucial to his career development. I have ten years’ of learning and working experience in Germany and Italy’s most rigorous architectural firms while Xiaosu has gained architectural insights through her seven years’ experience in the US. Our similar yet different background has complemented each other. Century 3 has offered this great opportunity for us to train, nurture and retain young talents, to provide them with all the assistance they need in building integrity and professional skills. "