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Mr. He Rong Attends the 8th Shanghai Jianying Forum

Author: Century 3       Update: 2023-11-28

On November 25, 2023, the 8th Shanghai Jianying Forum, an annual gathering organized by alumni of the Architecture Department of Zhejiang University, was successfully concluded at the Marriott Hotel in Puxi, Shanghai. The event was graced by the speech of Mr. Rong He, CEO of Century 3, who is not only an alumnus but also a sponsor of the forum for many years.

Despite being unable to attend in person, Mr. He Rong joined the event via video and delivered a compelling speech on the theme of "The Present and Future of the Construction Engineering Industry in China, America, and Europe." His address was well-received by the attendees, as he shared his profound professional knowledge and rich industry experience, offering insightful analysis of the current situation of the construction industry in these regions and providing a forward-looking perspective on future industry trends.

Jianying Forum has delved into the latest trends in the architecture industry for 8 years. The forum, which focused on the topic "History, Present and Future of Architecture" this year, featured another 5 speakers who provided diverse perspectives on the construction industry, sparking enthusiastic exchanges among the over 60 series members who attended the event, as well as the over 300 audience who participated via live streaming on Bilibili and WeChat video accounts.

The event served as a platform for architecture practitioners to explore opportunities in the industry, bravely face future challenges, and take proactive action in navigating the evolving landscape of architecture and construction. The insightful content of the keynote speakers and the engaging interaction with the guests generated widespread resonance among the alumni, fostering a spirit of collaboration and knowledge sharing.