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BMW Lydia Project 16 Million Safe-hour Milestone

Author: Century 3       Update: 2022-01-29

BMW Lydia project recently celebrated its 16 million safe-hour milestone. As the EPCM (Design, Procurement and Construction Management) service provider of BMW Lydia project, Century 3 maintained relentless focus on safety and continued its commitment to "zero accident" goal throughout the project management process.

BMW Lydia project covers an area of up to 2.9 square kilometers. Sporting brand-new Press Shop, Body Shop, Paint Shop, Assembly Shop and external infrastructure, it also reserves spaces for anticipatory production expansion and other function design in future. Together with the existing Tiexi and Dadong Plant, the whole facility will deliver richer product lines and a significant increase in capacity, so as to respond with flexibility to changes in market demand.

After providing EPCM service for BMW’s old Tiexi project, Century 3’s proven service quality and safety performance has won us the second EPCM contract for BMW’s Lydia project. In addition to normal training sessions, Century 3’s introduction of advanced safety management tool and the invention of a one-stop safety training museum, helps to contribute to the 16 million safe-hour milestone.

Awarded by BMW as the best EHS team of the year 2021