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Bayer Refresh Project Celebrates 500,000 Safe Working Hours Milestone

Author: Century 3       Update: 2023-12-01

Century 3 and Bayer celebrated a significant achievement on November 29, 2023, as Bayer Hangzhou REFRESH project reached the 500,000 safe working hours milestone. As the EPCM service provider to the project, Century 3 was honored with a safety award in recognition of its outstanding safety management work.

The Bayer REFRESH project, located in Linjiang Industrial Park, Hangzhou, covering an area of approximately 60 acres, is an advanced plant built in response to the government's initiatives to optimize resource allocation, strengthen technological innovation, and accelerate industrial transformation and upgrading.

The project faced unprecedented challenges during its basic design phase due to the COVID-19 outbreak in Shanghai in 2022. However, Century 3 proactively adjusted its work plan and demonstrated exceptional resilience and adaptability in successfully navigating through challenges and delivering the work on time. As a result of Century 3’s effective communication and reliable work outcome, Bayer awarded Century 3 with EPCM contract of the project’s next phase work.

Throughout the project management, Century 3 has remained steadfast in adhering to the "zero accident" safety goal, collaborating with all parties involved, including the owner and contractor, to overcome difficulties and make unremitting efforts to achieve project milestones.