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Century 3 Completed Cochlear Chengdu Project

Author: Century 3       Update: 2020-08-10

On 31th July, the Australian medical device company Cochlear celebrated the completion of its new plant in Chengdu, to which Century 3 offered EPCM and validation services. Management team from both Cochlear and Century 3 attended the ceremony.

The project, occupying a floor area of over 6666-square-meter and building area of 14,389-square-meter, is located in Tianfu Science City in Chengdu. The facility includes a five-level complex and a three-level manufacturing plant. As the world’s leading innovator in implants development who holds two-thirds of the worldwide hearing implant market, Cochlear is the first-of-its-kind foreign company that has entered China’s market. The Chengdu project, with estimated annual production of 10,000 implants and maximum capacity of 60,000, is also Cochlear’s first manufacturing and R&D plant built outside Australia.


Century 3 was selected as the service provider for this project due to its excellence in execution in pharmaceutical and life science projects backed by world-class design and management expertise and a focus on quality. Century 3 successfully delivered the project on schedule with a record of 500,000 safe-hour while overcoming many challenges such as Covid-19. We hope the completion of this project will benefit those who suffer from hearing impairment and to keep people connected to the world and to each other.