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Century 3 Celebrates Successful Completion of First Mentoring Program

Author: Century 3       Update: 2023-06-02

On 2 June, Century 3 held a special event to celebrate the completion of its first one-on-one mentoring program and to launch its fourth mentoring program at BIM center. Awards were presented to the mentees and mentors who completed the program's objectives.

The one-on-one mentoring program with two-year period was established to support employees at various stages of their career, from new graduates entering the workforce to experienced engineers seeking further career development. The program matches mentees who showed potential in leadership or professionalism, with a mentor who is either a management-level professional or an industry expert.

“Talents are crucial to a Century 3’s success and helps us stay ahead of the competition. Century 3 believes that investing in our employees by providing professional development opportunities and all the assistance they need in building integrity is crucial for achieving greater success.” Commented Mr. Rong He, CEO of Century 3.

Ms. Sophie Chen, HR Director of Century 3 reviewed the Phase I mentoring program, sharing comments on mentees’ performance given by BU and project leaders, and insights into teaching approach.

In recognition of the outstanding achievement of the participants, Mr. Rong He (CEO) and Mr. Frank Hu (President) presented awards to five pairs of mentees and mentors who have showcased exceptional progress. Additionally, Ms. Jenny Shen (Vice President) awarded the remaining mentors for their contribution to the program; mentors also conferred graduation certificates to their mentees in honor of the successful completion of the mentorship.

Later on, Mr. Frank Hu announced the commencement of the fourth mentoring program with a tea serving ritual symbolizing respect and gratitude for the mentor. Employees who couldn’t make it to the Shanghai office also joined the online event.

[Comments from the award-winners]

"I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to participate in the one-on-one mentoring program. My mentor provided me with personalized guidance and support that helped me to develop new skills and improve my performance. Thanks to this program, I feel more confident in my abilities and better equipped to achieve my professional goals. Wish company a brilliant future."
— Wu Di

I feel extremely grateful to have participated in the Shining Star mentoring project. Throughout the last two years, my mentor has shown an incredible amount of trust and support, facilitating my rapid growth and development. I was fortunate to work under a leader who patiently answered my questions and provided me with encouragement and motivation when needed. My mentor’s excellent knowledge of professional skills, as well as his communication tactics, have significantly contributed to my growth, allowing me to achieve standout results and thrive in my role.
— Wu Yuxuan

The first step in establishing a successful mentoring program is to set clear career development plans or goals for mentees. Secondly, it is essential that training programs should be tailored to meet the specific needs of each mentee. What’s more important is to provide opportunities for them to participate in challenging projects to foster problem-solving skills and innovative thinking abilities. A well-designed mentoring program plays a key role in unlocking the hidden potential of the next generation of leaders, and propelling the company forward with continued growth.
— Wang Cunjun