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Century 3 Has Set up Corporate Compliance Report Hotline and Mailbox

Author: Century 3       Update: 2019-01-01

Century 3 (Shanghai) Inc. (hereinafter refers to “Century 3” or “Company”) is committed to complying with the highest standards of business conduct in its business relationships with clients, business partners, shareholders and other related parties. The company conforms to all applicable laws and regulations, external regulatory requirements, internal corporate rules and regulations, business conduct standards and ethics in various business activities and business management processes. In order to abide by this commitment, further strengthen the company's compliance management level and risk prevention capabilities, prevent and reduce violations of laws and regulations, the company has set up the following compliance report hotline and mailbox:

Hotline: 021-52163916


Letter Address: Internal Audit Dept., 6/F Xinda Commercial Building #1, No.1178 Beidi Road, Shanghai, China, 200335

If you know or suspect that Century 3 or its employees have any violations, please report through the above way in a timely manner. We accept anonymous reporting, but we also encourage reporting with the real names and accurate contact details in order to conduct more effective investigations. We recommend that you provide the name and the violations of law as detailed as possible or the specific circumstances and relevant evidence of the suspected illegal or unethical behavior, such as the time and place of the incident, the relevant parties involved, the insider and the related paper and material evidence and so on.

The clues and the evidence you provide will be carefully checked, handled cautiously according to regulations. We will ensure the safety and confidentiality of reports within the scope of laws and regulations, strictly protect your legitimate rights and interests, and strictly prohibit retaliation. All investigations will be conducted on the basis of legal and compliance.

We have been always committed to building a model enterprise of integrity, legal and compliance. It is the responsibility of Century 3 and every employee to comply with laws and regulations and the company's management systems. We accept supervision and welcome everyone to report according to law.