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Mr. Yan Ping Appointed as the Senior Consultant for C3's Underground Space and Engineering Center

Author: Century 3       Update: 2023-06-29

Century 3 Welcomes Mr. Yan Ping as the Senior Consultant for its Newly-established Underground Space and Engineering Center

Century 3 is proud to announce the establishment of Underground Space and Engineering Center, to provide professional services for clients facing complex underground geotechnical conditions during underground engineering and construction work. The center will be led by Dr. Yan Ping, a distinguished professor from Zhejiang University, who will serve as the senior consultant.


Benefiting from Dr. Yan Ping’s expertise, Century 3 is able to offer high-quality solutions and a comprehensive range of services tailored to clients’ needs, including foundation treatment in difficult geological conditions and the design and construction of underground spaces.

1) Consulting and design of preliminary underground engineering

2) Integrated underground engineering services (from preliminary design to construction drawings)

3) Design and general contracting of integrated underground work

4) Engineering and Construction Management of underground work

5) 3D simulation of underground space and construction process

6) Optimization of existing underground engineering work

7) Contracting for optimization of existing underground engineering and cost saving incentives

8) Other forms of cooperation and services


For more details, please contact Mr. Hou:

Mr. Yan Ping

PhD in Geotechnical Engineering

  • Specially Appointed Professor Research Center of Coastal and Urban Geotechnical Engineering of Zhejiang University
  • Senior Consultant of Century 3 Underground Space and Engineering Center
  • Founder, Chairman and Technical Director of Zhejiang Nanlian Engineering Company
  • Executive Director of Soil mechanics and Engineering Society of Zhejiang Province
  • Director of the Provincial Geotechnical Engineering Construction Professional Committee

Mr. Yan has accumulated over 40 years of work experiences in the teaching, research, design, consulting, and construction of structural and foundation engineering. He has been a professor of structural and foundation engineering at Zhejiang University for many years and has authored over 70 papers in this field. Throughout his career, Mr. Yan has been involved in more than 800 foundation pit protection projects. He is credited with inventing multiple award-winning new technologies, processes and methods, leading to the acquisition of more than 80 national patents, such as:

He has presided over hundreds of structural and foundation engineering designs, and has participated in over 800 enclosure projects for design, consultation, and demonstration. In recent years, he has applied for and obtained nearly 80 national patents, and has developed multiple award-winning new technologies, processes, and methods, such as:

1. First-of-its-kind technology and related construction supporting equipment that used for prefabricated components in the retaining wall

2. Rigid pile core cement soil composite pile and related construction equipment

3. Tubular and strip shape technologies for expanding underground parking spaces in existing buildings and underground garages

4. A new construction method of one pile for multiple purposes; combined semi-reverse; and construction starting from the center and then surrounding areas

5. Vibration tube impact hammer vibration compaction foundation treatment method for stone dumping site

6. New technologies including integrated prefabricated and assembled construction method for structure, enclosure, foundation of underground pipe gallery and dragging formwork

7. The method and related construction equipment of combining excavation bucket cement mixing with long pile settlement control and the fast method of combining deep and shallow mixing of original soil