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Century 3 Welcomes New Board Advisor Georg Pastl

Author: Century 3       Update: 2022-09-26

Century 3 Group is excited to announce that Mr. Georg Pastl has accepted an invitation from Century 3 Group's CEO, Mr. Rong He, to be the Board Advisor of Century 3 Europe GmbH. This assignment will reinforce Century 3’s market position and benefit our existing and new clients through Mr. Pastl’s abundant experiences in the management of large-scale projects in engineering and construction industry.

Mr. Georg Pastl brings to Century 3 Europe team with over 30 years of experiences accumulated in the automotive industry in Germany and abroad. His profound knowledge in LEAN Management, LEAN Design and LEAN Construction as well as his many years of experiences make him a sought-after project manager in this industry.

“We’re thrilled to have Georg in the team. His well-versed industrial expertise gained through his long career will be critical in serving our clients’ needs across a wide spectrum of fields,” commented Mr. Rong He.