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Broadening Business Horizons: Moving Towards the Global Market

Author: Century 3       Update: 2023-08-23

From the United States to Germany, Century 3 is extending our reach and strengthening our global presence. 

In the US, we've been granted the contract of working for a battery green field project. The project serves a dual purpose: not only does it bolster our bond with Century 3’s business partner in local market, but it also provides an opportunity for our Chinese engineers to get hands-on exposure to US design standards, codes, and best practices.

In Europe, our reach extends to Germany, where our engineers are involved in EV battery revamp projects for Gotion Technology and CATL. Our engineers, fluent in German, are closely collaborating with Century 3’s European team on these projects.

Despite the opportunities, international project management has its fair share of challenges, primarily understanding and applying different codes and standards. For instance, our Chinese engineers had limited experience with German codes. Therefore, we leveraged our German office colleagues' expertise, who provided guidance and reviewed our work, leading to a productive learning experience for our team.

Another challenge lies in managing extra communication due to language barriers and time differences. For example, China is 12 hours ahead of the US East Coast, yet daily communication and meetings are crucial. Thus, we've had to arrange these during China's evening hours, in line with the US time. We've learned to take into consideration several other factors as well, such as the local market situations, the availability of suppliers, public holidays, and the variations in paid vacation, which influence construction progress and cost.

But each challenge has only encouraged us to grow more robust. By cultivating a global mindset, we've been able to build strong relationships with clients and partners from different backgrounds. Working on these projects has enhanced our cultural sensitivity, our understanding of regulations and requirements in different countries, and our ability to adapt to unexpected challenges.

As for our team members working abroad, they've reported a significant impact on their professional and personal growth. They've been able to form global networks, understand different work cultures, work ethics and practices, and develop resilience, independence, and cross-cultural communication skills.

On the horizon, we have exciting international projects including a potential project for a battery cell and module plant in Central Europe, the prospect of offering comprehensive consultancy services for plant reconstruction in the southern region of the US, and a potential bid for a semi-conductor revamp project in the US.