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Safety Training Campaign on Lianyungang Petrochemical Project

Author: Century 3       Update: 2022-11-30

In a continuing effort to promote safety management practice on Lianyungang Petrochemical Industrial Park project, Century 3 has launched a series of safety training campaigns designed to ensure that projects’ personnel have the necessary knowledge, skills and resources to maintain a safe workplace and to minimize hazards and injuries. 

Century 3 has been providing safety management services to Lianyungang Petrochemical Industrial Park project, which is one of the seven major petrochemical industry bases in China since June 2021. The campaign highlights the importance of improving employees’ identification of safety risks, and management skills of special operation, occupational health, fire control, environmental protection, etc.

A special initiative that looked to raise the safety awareness of rural migrant workers was introduced to the project team this time. More than 50 training sessions and 45 review classes involving over 3200 workers were successfully held. 

Previously Century 3 has received a variety of safety honors for this project due to outstanding safety management performances, including a title of “Excellent Safety Management Service Provider” and several appreciation letters from subsidiary companies of the client. Century 3 has always strived to instill a strong safety culture in employees and our safety focus and responsibilities will better help client positioned for long-term project success.

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